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Snow Dog Utility Task Machines



SnowDog utility task machines are designed to get you off road, on the ice, in the snow, in the field and everywhere in between.


SnowDog utility task machines are designed to carry heavy loads over long distances on snow, ice, fields, marshes and wild terrain. A radically different alternative to the snowmobile they are affordable, compact and highly versatile, enabling hunters and fisherman, campers and guides, outdoorsman and anyone else that works and plays and lives and breathes in the rugged great outdoors to go further.

SnowDog Compact Series


SnowDog compact models are agile and maneuverable conquering forest trails and snowy landscapes with ease. With a shorter frame and lighter weight than Standard models, Compacts will fit in the back of an SUV or pickup truck for easier transport. Small but powerful, SnowDog compacts easily tackle ice tracks, knee deep snow and rugged terrain.


Compact 10


Compact 13


SnowDog Standard Series


With a longer frame and track, SnowDog standard model utility task machines are built to overcome ice tracks, deep snow, swamps, rough ground and everything in between. They are designed to efficiently harness the full power of the 13.5 GHP Briggs & Stratton engine to pull heavy loads, tackle the roughest terrain and provide easier access to the most remote outdoor environments.


Standard 13


Standard 13 w/Reverse



Sled with Hitch & Wear Bars Foldable Rotating Seat Steel Reinforced Seat with Cushion